Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When my kids would help me in the kitchen when they were younger, it almost always turned into a nasty situation with my daughter, Rebecca, being the instigator. Now that she's older she is much easier to get along with and a huge help. This year I'm going to teach her how to make a cherry cake. My grandmother and my mother both made cherry cakes every year at Christmas time for as long as I can remember and I kept up this tradition when I moved out on my own. Now it's time for Rebecca to learn. I remember so many Christmas's when I cut the cherries in half while mom would mix all the other ingredients together as carols played in the background. She had to keep a close eye on me though, because when she wasn't looking I would eat a cherry or two or three.

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Valaine said...

It's hard to get my children to want to help me in the kitchen. They usually want to play while knowing that I'm in the there baking up some goodies for them :) I want so much to teach them how to cook and bake and I plant seeds here and there reminding them that I'm going to show them. I did get them to help me make biscuits though. Cherry cake sounds yummy! I never have had that before :) I hope you and your daughter have a blessed time together as you teach her.