Monday, December 08, 2008

Above images are of earrings that I spent my morning making. By the time I had finished making and tumbling them it was late afternoon and the light was not the best for photos. The earrings have to be packaged up tonight and sent off to their new owners tomorrow morning.
Meggie, the cockatiel, is adjusting very well. I put a mirror in her cage and she spends the day staring at herself. She seems quite content and she doesn't freak out anymore when I stick my finger through the bars of her cage. When I'm working in my studio I like to put a dvd in my laptop and listen to movies while I work. Today I put on The Mists of Avalon and Meggie quietly stared at the screen while it played. In a few days I'll let her out of the cage for a while so she can stretch her wings. She's so cool!

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Valaine said...

Beautiful!! Glad to read she is adjusting :)