Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Art Dolls

This is Brigid and she's a gypsy. She's my second art doll. I sculpted her face and hands out of paper clay. Her clothes have been made with recycled clothing and the bag hanging from her waist is made with tea-stained muslin. Her hair is made from wool and the earrings are made from steel wire.

This is my very first art doll, Morgaine. She's my learn how doll. I sculpted her face out of polymer clay. She's old and had a very hard life which shows in her face. She spends so much time walking in the woods that the birds have made a birds nest in her hair.
I like working with paper clay much more than polymer clay. Paper clay is easier to smooth and can be sanded when dry and air dries. These are my first sculpted faces and I have to say that I LOVE sculpting. I'm totally hooked! I'm starting my third doll tonight.


Anonymous said...

Wow Gina...they are great!!! I love the old woman...her face tells a story. Another chapter begins in your artistic adventure!!!

Gina said...

Really great dolls, Gina! You’ve put such detail into their faces, clothing, and expressions they really have their own personalities.

Unknown said...

I think Morgaine should consider using sunscreen from now on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina! These are wonderful!! I love them :) I like that you are experimenting with new mediums, that is very inspiring!!