Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dangling from these little polished steel hoops are light sapphire celsian Czech fire polished drops.

I'm not getting much studio time lately. I'm way too busy with other things in my life. Hopefully, on the weekend, I can get out there for a couple of hours. I have to make some more earrings for Johnny Ruth for next week and I have some custom orders to complete. I long for the quiet of my little studio, though it won't be quiet for long...I'm getting a cockatiel to keep me company while I'm working. Her name is Meggy and she's eight years old and she's moving into my studio on Sunday. I'm so excited!

I'm almost done decorating for Christmas. I put the lights up today and most of the decorations. As soon as the tree lots open I'll get my tree. My shopping isn't done yet but it never is this early.

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