Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Some Days Just Suck!

Why is it that PMS can cause such havoc in my life? Sure, my car is broken, there are leaks all over the house when it rains, my dog pees on the carpet on a regular basis, my cat pukes everywhere, my computer sucks, I ate way too many chocolate covered creamcheese pops and I skipped my yoga practice two days in a row. These things are just a normal part of my life and I usually deal with them in an "oh well" kind of way. But for a couple of days each month my life feels like it's falling apart and I have lost all control of everything and I just want to die.I have to keep telling myself over and over that this too shall pass and I will return to my wonderful, positive self before long. Deep breaths help when I feel I am about to hyperventilate. I look forward to the end of the day when I can meditate and get in touch with that deeper, quieter part of myself and feel grateful that I survived it all! Lol!


Magic Love Crow said...

You will survive girl ;o) Breath ;o) Love the painting ;o)

Gina Cuff said...

Thanks, Stacy! I'm much better now.:)

Janet Davis said...

You aren't alone. I hear you, and second that.