Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Moments!

A clean fridge inside and out is awesome!

A basket full of freshly washed and folded hand towels and facecloths is always nice.

Vincent, one of five cats that I live with. :)

I'm sitting in bed now drinking a cup of apple tea with honey while I write. With me, in various cozy spots around my bedroom, are four cats and one dog, all sleeping peacefully. I feel much better today and I went on an excursion to Chapters/Starbucks and had a yummy bevvie while I read the mags. I also treated myself to a new pencil set which I am eager to try out very soon. I've posted some photos from the 100happydays project which I'm enjoying very much. Tomorrow I will spend packaging some goodies to send off to magazines in hopes of publication, always a fun thing to do. Goodnight and sweet dreams. xo


Magic Love Crow said...

A very good day ;o) Give all your fur babies a hug for me ;o)

Gina Cuff said...