Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thrift Stores!

 I dislike shopping very much, but I love going to thrift shops and looking through all the stuff there. I buy used books and Christmas decorations and mini lights. I found a really cool vintage jar and loads of buttons which I use on my journals and in some of my mixed media work. I buy clothes to recycle for the art dolls that I make. I get 100% wool sweaters that I use to make the felted slippers that I like to wear. I buy curtains and candles -- I have enough candles to last me all winter. I bought the coolest lamp yesterday and some sparkly snowflake decorations.
Some people have issues with shopping at thrift stores. I don't. I'll always find something interesting and different. I got most of my storage units and containers and baskets for my studio there, and the loveliest red curtains for my dining room -- brand new.
Last year I found several wreaths there with the electric candle in the middle, like the ones we used to hang in our windows at Christmas time. Ours were long gone so I was so excited to find these. Now both my sisters and my dad have one, and me, of course. All for very little money.

I buy brass pots for my plants and I got the nicest wool coat one year that I still wear. I go to my favorite thrift store at least once a week. I never know what treasures will be waiting for me when I walk in. :)

Here's a link to a site with  instructions on how to make felted slippers out of wool sweaters.


Margaret Ryall said...

It's the search for the bargain that keeps me exploring. I love to get a compliment on something and know that I paid little money for it. I'm with you on thrift stores.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Gina, I think I should go shopping with you ;o) Great stuff you have found! It is fun going through thrift stores. It's like a treasure hunt!