Thursday, November 18, 2010

This journal was a lot of fun to make. I never really know what the finished journal will look like until it's completely finished. Once the painting and stamping and splattering and edging is all done, I get out my  button jar and my colored threads and I lay different buttons on the journal to see which one I like the best. The color of the button and thread can change the whole look of the journal. When the button is chosen I pick the thread that matches the button. I run the thread through a piece of beeswax that I have to wax it which makes the thread slide easily when I'm binding the pages. It smells good too.


Magic Love Crow said...

Very interesting Gina!!! I would love the smell of beeswax!

Colette said...

I LOVE your handmade journals! Is that a watercolour paper cover? I've been revisiting your face portraits from last year. BEAUTIFUL.