Monday, February 09, 2009

Hand Bound Journal

The front

The back


I finished my very first hand bound journal. I made the cover from canvas that I gessoed, textured, painted, and embellished. I also added a photo transfer and some text. I made four signatures and sewed them to the cover using waxed thread. I completed another one today that I will post some photos of tomorrow.

I have been writing in journals for twenty years and I have stacks of them, now I can make my own as well as my very own sketchbooks.


Valaine said...

Awesome!! I love your first book :) Your art is so beautiful.
I want to share my newest creation with you - I finally finished my site!
It is now at
my blog is

Are you going to make any more journals? What do you think about trading with me? I make one - you make one and we trade them?
Talk to you soon,
Valaine :)

Margaret Ryall said...

It's beautiful Gina. I love the texture on the cover. I attended a workshop at St. Michael's Printshop offered by Tara Bryan last year. We created 4 different styles of books and a hard wrap around folder with a bone clasp to keep them in. Don't you find handmade books are almost too precious to use? They are such gems.

Gina said...

Hello Fellow Gina,
Your journal is wonderful—with texture that begs to be held! Congratulations on making your own journals now—that’s a goal of mine, too. Your jewelry is amazing--love the spirals paired with the stones…must be a Celtic thing!