Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Journal

Here's another journal that I made. I kept it very simple because I want it for my purse. I'm always looking for paper in my purse to make notes when I'm waiting in the car and I never have any. I hope this solves my problem. I'm working on a tiny journal now. It won't serve much of a purpose because of its size, but it sure is cute.
I'm off to Toronto until the end of the week so I'll see you when I get back...


Valaine said...

This is gorgeous! You create great texture on your covers :)

Jeanette said...

Beautiful work Gina. The covers are lovely and very unique.

I've been threatening to make some sketchbooks for ages. I just need the time! Perhaps this weekend.

Sea Angels said...

What a gorgeous journal...wow!!
I would be frightened of messing up in it ha ha.
I wanted to say thankyou for your get well wishes and kind words. xxx
Enjoy your beautiful book
Hugs Lynn xx