Saturday, February 02, 2008

This is one of the first watercolors that I ever did. I couldn't get the foreground the way I wanted it so I kept scrubbing it out and repainting. I read somewhere that watercolor was unforgiving and it was hard to fix mistakes. I learned that with a little patience and a stiff brush and some water you can remove most of the paint. Here's an example:
When I completed this painting I didn't like the sky, so I scrubbed all the paint out and
this is the result. It changes the atmosphere of the painting completely. Pretty cool!


lee said...

The little sky makes a complete difference to the overall feeling of the picture. I love it.

Valaine said...


Great watercolors!! I love that church! I also like how you were able to change the whole look of that one by taking out the dark sky. I've never been very good at using watercolors. I started out painting with oils. I am a very bold painter, so my watercolors would always come out dark. One art teacher that I had in high school told me that he had never seen anyone use them the way that I did, I don't think that he was giving me a compliment :)

I'd love to be able to paint delicately with watercolors over my pen and ink drawings like some artists do. I do however like to color my drawings sometimes with watercolor pencils, that has been okay for me so far but I'd like to try a more traditional approach later. Your work is really great.

I posted those pictures of the church that I was telling you about :)