Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This is Noah, my nephew. He was an infant when I drew him, now he is six. I don't usually draw babies. This was my first one and I only did a second drawing of an infant after this (Noah with his grandmother in Innocence And Grace.) I find that you have to have a very delicate touch in order to make a baby look like a baby -- no harsh lines on the face.
If you have ever had artist's block or you would just like to live a more creative life, The Artist's Way is an excellent book. I did this book several years ago when I was having trouble calling myself an artist. It helped me tremendously. One of the things the author of the book encourages you to do is write morning pages. You get up in the morning and the first thing you do is write whatever is going on in your head down on paper so you will have a clear head to start your day. I used to do my pages in the evening and I still found it a huge help. I really enjoyed doing this part. I keep a journal anyway, but mostly of everyday stuff that's going on in my life.

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lee said...

I am keeping an art journal, writing and drawing, and painting in it, I try to do it everyday just to stay creative.