Sunday, February 17, 2008

Another drawing (my daughter) from when I was learning to draw people. I was surprised to learn that eyes are halfway down the head rather that one third of the way down. Many people when first learning to draw tend to draw the skull part of the head too small.

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Valaine said...

I love all your work that you have posted! Your lines are very soft on your children's portraits. I love the clearness of your son's eyes. The watercolor of the swan has a nice contrast. Your jewellery is really great and looks like a of fun to make and to wear. I use to make earrings and pins out of sculpey when I was a teenager and sold them to a few people. I haven't made them in a while. If I ever got back into making jewellery I think I'd like to experiment with mixed media using metals and resin. I'm not sure yet. I always have so many ideas I overwhelm myself and wind up not creating anything. Isn't that terrible? I'm really working on sorting out all of my ideas and trying to spend time on the things that I know I will enjoy doing.

I've been really busy painting our living room and kitchen and haven't had time to be on the computer lately. We finished the living room, now I'm slowly getting the kitchen done. :) I'll be back creating art soon hopefully.

Talk to you soon,