Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Week in Review!

Celebrated my lovely daughter's 21st birthday with delicious food and wonderful company.

Took some photos of a beautiful church in historical downtown St. John's. Next time I will go inside.

A huge tree standing guard outside the church. 

I saw and held my very first brain. I was so excited! I'm fascinated by the brain and body and I believe it to be a true miracle and work of art. It was a real treat to attend an exhibition of perfectly preserved dissected dead bodies. I learned a lot of interesting information. 

Had a very successful exhibition of my work and I met lots of cool people and spent time with some of my favorite peeps.

Practiced yoga on my deck.

Bought myself a pretty new dress and enjoyed the sunshine and warm temps. 
I had a very busy and very fulfilling week with lots of great experiences. I expect this week will be just as awesome. I hope yours is too. :)

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Magic Love Crow said...

Your daughter is so beautiful and so are you! You look so much alike! The brain kind of freaked me out! LOL! So happy about the exhibition ;o) Hugs ;o)