Monday, March 19, 2012


Another Monday here and lots to do! I'm working on a second watercolor that I hope to finish today. I have some new empty nest pendants made and ready to put into my tumbler. I'm experimenting with different ways to add a patina to my copper jewelry. One way I use is to dip my pieces into a liver of sulphur mixture which turns the copper black. I then sand the wire to take some of the black off, which creates a lovely antique look to the copper. Another way is by heating the copper with a blow torch. You can achieve gorgeous colors that way. I'm going to use chemicals today to try and get a beautiful turquoise/blue color. That would be cool!  I'm still doing the Hello Soul Hello Business with Kelly Rae and Beth. This week we are working on our business plans and the idea of creating a business plan has always stopped me in my tracks. I'm a righted brained person and the thought of doing something so left brained frightens me. I ordered the book Right-Brained Business Plan by Jennifer Lee. It's for all of us creative people who cringe at the idea of any kind of formal business plan. I need all the help I can get and I'm looking forward to receiving this and getting started.
Happy Monday! :)


Perrine Renoir said...

nosebleed! the sulfur-copper something made me dizzy, but i like those earrings --- not a fan of such kind, but i was convinced to sport a pair or two.

anyway, thanks for mentioning Right-Brain Business Plan. surely an interesting read. I want to have my own business too, but the "how's" gets blurred and more blurred as i progress on thinking about it. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Gina ;o) Love what you are creating! It sounds so cool! Have you ever put a coating on your copper, so people who have allergies, don't have to worry about it? Or is that too much to ask?? ;o) Have fun reading!! Hugs ;o)

Gina Cuff said...

Hi Stacy, I believe the copper can be coated with a water based varnish. I will do some research and see what I can find out. :)