Monday, October 25, 2010

Work In Progress!

I've been working on this doll a little bit here and a little bit there. I have to finish her hands and glue her into the wooden stand after I paint and varnish it (the stand).

I need to practice sculpting faces some more. I can see from some of the photos that her nose is quite crooked and her eyes are looking in different directions. :)

Her face and neck are sculpted from polymer clay. She has a soft body over a wire armature. I hand dyed the cloth for her dress and robe. Except for a little decorative stitching around her hood she is entirely hand stitched. It takes some time but I really enjoy it. Her face and eyes have been painted with oils and acrylics and her hair is made from wool. I have real doll hair in blonde, brunette and red, but I prefer the wool. She stands around 22 inches tall.

I haven't chosen a name for her yet nor do I know her story. It will come to me eventually when I'm vacuuming or washing the dishes.

Last night I started a drawing for the first watercolor I have done in over a year or more. It will become my Christmas card for this year. I hope I still remember how to paint!

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Magic Love Crow said...

I love your doll! And, I know the nose might be crooked and her eyes are looking in different ways, but that makes her unique! Great job! A+