Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Photos!

Old building in Boat Harbour

John and I take loads of photos.  These photos have been taken over the last year, all of them taken, except for the Boat Harbour photo, on one of our many walks.

I have my drawing transferred onto watercolor paper which I just finished stretching. I went to the art supply store today and bought some masking fluid, some new paint brushes because I destroyed all of my good ones doing mixed media work, and a tube of yellow ochre. I know I paid too much for these supplies but I didn't want to wait to have them shipped from Curry's. Tomorrow I begin the painting. I have two drawings ready to be transferred which I will do tonight while I watch The Tudors...

Well, I wrote the above yesterday and I didn't get a chance to send it, and here it is 4:30 and I still haven't touched my painting. I did manage to get out my watercolors and practice a bit on scrap paper because it's been so long since I used them, and I couldn't possibly paint in the mess that I call a studio.

I had the car today and it's a sure thing that if I have the car I'll make three or four trips into town before the day is through. Being in traffic wears me out and pisses me off, so by the time I reach home I have a headache.

I did get another couple of drawings transferred to watercolor paper last night while watching my show, and I went through my Christmas magazines to pick out crafts to make for the upcoming holiday season. I love doing that every year.


Magic Love Crow said...

I love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing! And, have fun painting, when you get a chance to start ;o)

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thats a wonderful dwelling surrounded by trees, the boathouse too, what a great thing to stroll by on a walk!