Monday, September 07, 2009

Gennie, our new dog.

Cleveland, my cat, is outside the window staring in at me wanting to come in. But he will not come in when I open the door. He's been like that since we got Gennie a few weeks ago. I will have to go outside and pick him up and bring him in. The other cats seem to have accepted the newest addition to our family more easily. We brought Gennie home from the SPCA and she is very sweet. She loves walks and she likes to sleep between John and I at night. She's a wee little dog so she doesn't take up much space in bed.
I've been experimenting with resin lately and the result is the pendants pictured above. I'm very pleased with the way they turned out despite how messy it is to work with resin.
The Summer went by very quickly and I'm anxious to get busy in the studio when the kid's go back to school. I will have lots of photos of new jewelry I will be making so stay tuned....:)

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Valaine said...

Gennie is so beautiful! And your pendants are amazing!! :)