Sunday, July 06, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace

Plant against old building

Old houses through the trees

Roman sleeping on my bed

Blue jay in tree

Life has been exciting these past few days. The owner of a posh store came to my studio and she would like to carry my jewelry pieces. As well, there was a call for local artists to submit work for an exhibition to celebrate the launch of a new gallery and I answered the call. I submitted a huge canvas, 30"x 48" that I completed last week. The exhibition is from July 11 to August 24 with an opening reception Friday evening.

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Jeanette said...

Fabulous photos and great news! Congratulations on getting your jewellery in the right places. I'll have to invest in another pair of your earrings while I can still afford you! :)

The new piece definitely is big. I'm sure it will be a hit.