Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life In My Garden

Mushrooms that grew overnight


Lonely birdhouse

Tiny blue flowers

My studio is finally clean and ready for me to go into and make art. I have never seen it so messy as it has been and I was a little overwhelmed when I first walked in. I have an oil painting to finish and a canvas to begin. So looking forward to it.

Summer has finally arrived and with it the warm temperatures and blue skies. Up until Saturday the weather has been quite dismal and depressing with only a scattered nice day. We have had a barbecue every night this week and nothing says Summer like the wonderful smell of barbecue. The black flies have voracious appetites and attack viciously as soon as we step outside the door which can be quite a shock if you're not used to it, but we've learned to live with it over the years.

I have been blogging two years today! :)

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Valaine said...

Wow! The tiny blue flowers are tiny treasures :)