Wednesday, November 05, 2014

October News!

A beautiful green leaf just starting to yellow had fallen from a tree that stood beside the river and lay there waiting for me to spot it as I walked along the shore, which I did.

The river I was walking along when I discovered the leaf. 

Outside of my studio window.

A work in progress which I have since finished and is now at The MUN Botanical Gardens to be exhibited, along with other paintings from November 7th to the 30th in their annual garden and nature exhibition.

Another painting inspired by the gorgeous colors of Fall. 
October flew past quickly and here I sit writing in my cozy den with a plump dog asleep beside me. I just returned from a walk in the cold of this early November evening and I'm grateful for my warm robe and fuzzy socks. It's been a busy month of painting and exhibiting my work and meeting new people. I have another group exhibit coming up at the end of the week that I'm very happy to be a part of. I haven't shown my work in a long time and it's exciting to be back at it.


Margaret Ryall said...

There are always so many changes in October. I see you are painting more landscapes lately. So have I! I hope to get up to the Gardens to see the exhibition. I am just settling into St. John's life again.

Magic Love Crow said...

So excited for you and your art ;o)
I love fuzzy socks too ;o)