Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Rainy Days and Wednesdays!

Pearls and copper are so pretty together, especially creamy pearls.

I always take photos of my jewelry outside. Natural light, in my opinion, is the best light. I tried using light boxes but felt that the photos looked too sterile.

I waited all day for the rain to stop so I could take some photos of this pendant made for a customer in California. My chance came around 3:30pm, so I gathered up my camera, jewelry and props and ran outside. I got around three shots in before the rain started again and covered my stuff in tiny, wet droplets. Oh no, this just wouldn't do! I looked around for some shelter with natural light and settled on a spot on my porch with an overhang. The photos weren't perfect, but they would do. Now this little pretty and eight other pieces, are leaving Newfoundland in the morning and heading to sunnier climes. I love my job! :)

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Magic Love Crow said...

Cool special order! Very pretty and different! I am like you Gina! I take all my pictures outside! Makes a big difference ;o)