Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We had 38 cms of snow yesterday and last night and today there is a freezing rain warning. Yuck! Half the city is shut down including schools and banks. I waded through a ton of snow to get into my studio last evening and I listened to the snow beat against my window while I started work on a pendant for myself -- pictured above. I felt very snug and safe inside.

Snowy pictures above are of a tree in my front yard, looking out my back door and John snow blowing the driveway, and Cleveland being his sweet self.


lee said...

You have had an awful lot of snow. Hope it doesnt melt all at once....We barely had any snow left, then it went and snowed again for two days. I cant wait for spring and flip flop weather. Love the necklace.

Mireille said...

I just discovering your blog and your snow photos are beautiful and your work ,too...
and your cats are so nice..
I'll put your address in my favorit, and I'll be back soon