Friday, January 18, 2008

Sand Dollar Necklace

For several years I have collected sand dollars from the beach. I would bring them home and I would put them away in a closet. Still, I continued to pick them up off the beach whenever I saw one, I couldn't help myself. A couple of years ago I started doing mixed media/collage work and I fell in love. I decided that I would use the sand dollars like little canvases and I would make necklaces with mixed media/collage paintings.
First I drill a hole in the top and I harden the piece with a mixture of glue and water. Next I paint, stamp, texture, add vintage newspaper, add a transparent image, add text and then I varnish to protect the artwork and to further harden it. It's fun to do and the result is a beautiful, little piece of art to wear around your neck.

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