Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mixed Media Collage Painting

Above is a photo of a crow I took that was sitting atop a tree outside my window. I transferred the image to the surface of this piece using a tape transfer method.
This is a photo of a tower of an old abandoned hospital that is right in the middle of town. Inside the hospital it is dark, cold and incredibly creepy. The wind howls through the open doorways and windows and it is filled with pigeons. I tranferred the image to the surface using the same method as above. Both details are from the same piece of work.


Lazulipi said...

These are lovely, When I see some work sometimes I experience the desire to touch it or taste it....sad but true and yours does that to me.

What is this tape transfer method?

Spontanity said...

Thanks for being on my blog:)
It's difficult to stop making them.
This one are pretty.
Greetz from Holland